Pedagogical Agents

Stress-sensitive Liza

This stress-sensitive pedagogical agent is based on the conversational agent Liza. The functionality of the previous agent is extended by analysing the mental demand of the user and adapting the learning situation accordingly through execution of coping strategies. The availability of the wristband E4 from Empatica Inc. and a tablet pc with the iOS operating system is essential for full usage.
Developed by Melanie Bleck — 2019


A pedagogical agent for learning the syntax of Java programming language. Synja is able to explain 50 syntactical concepts and teach them by giving students different tasks to solve.
Developed by Johannes Grobelski — 2019


A conversational agent for improving human reasoning skills. Liza is able to hold conversations with users to help them solve a small selection of well-studied reasoning problems. Such a conversational agent allows a much more scalable and inexpensive approach for teaching at least basic reasoning principles.
Developed by Laura Wartschinski — 2017


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